Rush Strong Cafeteria


Breakfast  Prices: $1.50, Reduced Breakfast: .30

Staff and visitors $2.25


Breakfast Menu Changes (as of January 2017)


Week 1:

Monday: Pop-Tarts OR Eggo Chocolate Chip French Toast, banana

Tuesday: Yogurt and animal crackers OR Sausage biscuit, craisins, assorted juice

Wednesday: Assorted Cereal OR Eggo pancakes, apple sauce, assorted juice

Thursday Pop-Tarts OR Chicken biscuit, apple

Friday Assorted cereal OR sausage/egg/cheese biscuit

Week 2: 

Monday: Pop-Tarts OR Sausage/egg/cheese pizza, banana, milk

Tuesday: Yogurt and animal crackers OR sausage biscuit, sour raisins, juice

Wednesday: Assorted cereal OR eggo chocolate chip french toast, applesauce, assorted juice

Thursday: Pop-Tarts OR chicken biscuit, apple

Friday: Assorted cereal OR Sausage Egge Biscuit, raisins, juice

Week 3: 

Monday: Pop-Tarts or Cinnamon roll, banana

Tuesday: Yogurt and animal crackers OR Sausage and egg biscuit, craisins, juice

Wednesday: Cereal bar or pancake on a stick, apple sauce, juice

Thursday: Pop-Tarts OR Chicken Biscuit, apple

Friday: Assorted cereal or Eggo waffles, raisins, juice


Lunch: $2.25 (Pre-K-5th Grade) $2.35 (6-12th grades)

Reduced Lunch $.40

Lunch w/tea or coffee (staff) $3.25

Lunch (adult visitors) $5.00, (child visitor) $3.25

Carry out Lunch (Holidays) $5.00


If at all possible, please send lunch money for the week on Mondays.

There is a second daily lunch entree choice of ham and cheese sandwich.  


The new MyPaymentsPlus system is available online to pay for your child's cafeteria charges.  Go to to register.  You will need the child's ID number to register.  Children may also pay in the lunchroom in the mornings.  Please pay by the week if possible.  Check is preferred to cash so it is easier to track if it is lost. 


A La Carte Items available at lunch:

Milk .50

Second Entree 1.75

French fries or baked potato 1.00

Fruit or vegetables .50

Sausage, chicken or gravy biscuit 1.00

Biscuit / jelly or toast .50

Cereal bowl w/ milk 1.00

Cereal bowl .75

Cookie .25

Chips .50-1.00

Cereal or nutrigrain bar .50

Fruit juice .50

Ice Cream 1.00

8 oz. water .50

V-8 Juice 1.25

Propel 1.50

String Cheese .75

Roll .25

Chex mix .50