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TES Summer Reading Camp Learns About Tennessee!
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Thursday, June 08, 2017
Cari Moore works with a small group of students at Talbott's Reading Camp
Cari Moore works with a small group of students at Talbott's Reading Camp
Read about Talbott Elementary's Read To Be Ready Summer Reading Camp!

 “Tennessee: More Than Meets the Eye” – that’s the theme of Talbott Elementary’s Read to Be Ready Summer Camp. We are learning so much about our wonderful state! Each week of camp focuses on a different aspect of this theme. 

In week one, we learn about the Tennessee’s culture and heritage. We are reading and writing books about interesting historical places in our state as well as the arts of quilting and pottery. We even learn to clog, make clay pots with the assistance of a local potter (Stan Taylor), and have a visit by Davy Crockett (Jim Claiborne)!

Week two focuses on Native Americans of Tennessee. We are learning about the Cherokee through both literature and a visit by local Cherokee historians, Mark and Sherry Finchum. 

In week three, we learn about the geography of Tennessee with a focus on the Three Grand Divisions. Learning takes place through reading about plateaus, valleys, and mountains. We also create clay models of each landform. Our reflections on these experiences provide great writing material.

In our final week, we learn about agriculture in Tennessee. During this week, we spend much of our time making observations in our new school garden, made possible by grants from the local Farmer’s Co-Op and the Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom program. We also gain knowledge through both literary and informational texts. This information in used as we create our own books, signs, and billboards. A visit from a local beekeeper, Fred Tyler, and agricultural extension agent, Karen Nelms, are a highlight of the week.

Written by Melissa Barbee

Let's get excited about reading!


There is so much to learn about our wonderful state!


Writing is an essential part of reading, thinking, and learning!