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Summer Reading
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Wednesday, May 15, 2019
Students pictured in front of the little free library at Kidz Kountry in White Pine.
Students pictured in front of the little free library at Kidz Kountry in White Pine.
Read to find many opportunities for summer reading!
There's a lot going on with summer reading for Jefferson County's students  Check out the information in this article!
  • Little Free Libraries
  • Jefferson County Public Library Offerings
  • Recommended Summer Reading List 
  • Read to be Ready Summer Reading Camps
  • Reading Challenges and Incentives
  • Research about Summer Reading



Little Free Libraries

The Little Free Libraries (LFLs) are book exchange boxes located across the district.  Students are encouraged to take a book home to read from the box!  There are LFLS in the following locations.

  • Playground in front of Jefferson Elementary School
  • In the front of Piedmont Elementary School
  • By the front of Mt. Horeb Elementary School
  • Beside the playground at the football field at Rush Strong School
  • Under the front side porch of New Market Elementary
  • At the entrance to the walking track of Talbott Elementary
  • At Kidz Kountry by White Pine School
  • On the playground at the edge of the drive at Dandridge Elementary School
  • Inside the Field of Dreams Activity Center in Dandridge
  • By Antioch Church in Chestnut Hill
  • Under a tree between the pool and ball park at the Jefferson City Ball Park
Jefferson County Public Library Offerings
Recommended Reading List
Summer Reading Camps
Six of our elementary schools were awarded a summer reading grant from the state department of education to fund summer reading programs for four weeks in June 2019.  Students entering first through third grade at Dandridge Elementary, New Market Elementary, Mt. Horeb Elementary, Jefferson Elementary, Rush Strong School, and White Pine School may have the opportunity to attend.  Students in the summer reading programs will be going on multiple field trips, will participate in fun and engaging reading and writing activities, and will be taking home approximately 20 books to keep!  Participating schools were given a criteria for attendance, and some schools have a waiting list for this program.  Congratulations, DES, NMES, MHES, JES, RSS, and WPS!
Reading Challenges and Incentives


  • Students who read over the summer score significantly better on achievement tests than their peers; 35-40% better than those without access to books.
  • Students who read over the summer maintain or even gain in reading ability, accounting for at least one year’s growth per grade level in school.
  • The incidence of “summer setback” is most prevalent in children of limited means whose access to books in their homes is likely to be restricted. (Dr. Richard Allington, 2012)
  • Summer reading loss accounts for roughly 80% of the rich/poor reading achievement gap. Poor children don’t own books nor library cards. (Dr. Richard Allington, 2012)