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Rush Strong wins big at 4-H subregional achievement day
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Tuesday, May 15, 2018
4-H clover
4-H clover

Rush Strong was represented by 8 fine youngsters in the 4-H subregional achievement day.  Fourth and fifth graders competed in demonstrations.  Sixth graders competed in interactive exhibits and portfolios.  All eight students placed in their projects!  Congrats go out to:

Katelynn: 1st place beef interactive exhibit

Callie: 1st place poultry portfolio, 2nd place poultry interactive exhibit and 2nd place premiere exhibitor

John: 1st place communications demonstration

Kenzie 1st place plant science demonstration

Brianna: 1st place food science demonstration

Lanaya:2nd place line and design demonstration

McKenzie: 2nd place demonstration

Lilly: 3rd place fitness demonstration

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