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MeLissa Aaron Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Fourth Grade


Sevier County High School

Walters State:                 Associate Degree in Elementary Education

Tusculum College:            Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education

University of Phoenix:       Master's Degree in Education - Curriculum and Instruction



This will be my 12th year teaching fourth grade at Rush Strong School.

This is my grade of choice. I love the curriculum and all of the opportunities fourth grade has to offer. 


Name:   MeLissa Aaron

Mission Statement: I try to meet each child's individual educational need while in the classroom with my didactic approach to teaching. I focus on respecting others and making good choices, as well as the state of Tennessee's standards and objectives.

Fall-  2016 will be my 12th year teaching fourth grade. Every day is an exciting learning experience. The curriculum focus area, for me this year, will be the content of math because this will be the third year that fourth graders at Rush Strong School will be changing classes. Changing classes offers new experiences and opportunities for our students. I am thankful to be a part of such a wonderful learning atmosphere .