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How do I find out if I am in Rush Strong's zone?

Call the school at 865-933-5313. 

How do I register my child at Rush Strong?

Come to the school office during normal school hours (7:30-3:30) with your child's certified birth certificate, proof of residence (a utility bill), and your child's social security card, and your child's TN immunization record.  A proof of residency packet may be downloaded from our forms page.

Where can I park?

Please park in First Baptist's parking lot across the street from the school.  The lined spaces are assigned to school staff.  

What is the dress code?

Rush Strong follows the dress code set by the Jefferson County Board of Education.  The code is found on page 16 of the school handbook or in your child's planner.

When does school start each day?

School begins at 8:00 AM each morning.  Students are tardy at 8:01 AM.

Do I need to send a note if my child is late or absent?

Yes, please send a written excuse, per school board policy.  If the child has attended a doctor's or dentist appointment, court proceedings or a funeral please bring a note from the appropriate official.

Can I take my child out of school early?

(From school board policy 6.20)

Early dismissals disrupt the learning day and are strongly discouraged. Such dismissals will be allowed


(1) In case of emergencies;

(2) With a valid doctor's appointment card

(3) With a validation of funeral attendance of immediate family including spouse,

child, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, mother-in-law, father-in-law,

brother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle or aunt.

Clock time for unexcused late arrivals or unapproved early dismissals will accumulate on the student's

attendance record and will be considered as a part of the student's aggregate days missed as determined

by the school calendar. These aggregate days may be reported to parents for fi ve (5) days notifi cations


and to the attendance offi cer for ten (10) day notifi cations in compliance with Compulsory Scho

How long does my child have to stay to be considered present for the day?

Students must stay till 11:30 AM to be counted present for the day.

Is there child care available after school?

Yes, please contact the director of school age child care, Mrs. Kim Parrott at 640-7539.

I am not sure what bus my child rides.

Our school resource officer, Officer Solomon, is our transportation specialist!  Contact the school at 865-933-5313 during regular school hours.  Officer Solomon can help you determine what bus your child will ride.

I need to change transportation plans for my child.

Make all chanages before the school day begins.  Please send a signed and dated note to the school for the front office and the child's teacher.  Please refrain from calling the school during the school day to make transportation changes.  This interupts instruction and is confusing for students.

How will I know if school has been cancelled or is dismissing early for weather?

Jefferson County has a one call system that issues a telephone call alerting parents to early closings.  Please make sure your phone number is current with the front office.  Additionally, you may check school closing updates on the county website or local tv station websites and

May I eat lunch with my child?

Yes, you are welcome to come eat lunch with your child.  Please sign in at the front office and then you may go to the cafeteria.

How do I pay for school lunch?

Students may pay for school lunch as they go through the lunch line each day or they may pay for the week at the beginning of the school day by going to the cafeteria cash register.  Payments may be applied ahead of time to their account.  Parents may also pay online by creating an account with My Payments Plus.

What will be served for lunch?

The school lunch menu is available on our school website.

How do I apply for free or reduced lunch?

There is a form to fill out to apply for free or reduced cost lunch.  See Mrs. Donna Knight in the office to receive a form. 

My child forgot their luch.  May I bring it to him?

Yes, you may drop off your child's lunch in the front office.  He may pick it up at lunch time.  Classrooms will not be interupted to call children to the office during instruction time to pick up lunch boxes.

How do I volunteer at RSS?

Mrs. Kristi Ownby is our volunteer coordinator.  Please contact her at for more details.

Can I send my child with their own medication?

All other medication must be kept in the clinic and brought to school by parent. Students can carry inhalers for asthma with an asthma action plan completed by a physician and signed by the parent.  EpiPens can be carried if severe allergy action plan is completed by a physician and signed by the parent.   Students may bring and keep with them mints, hard candy or cough drops for sorethroats or coughs.

Who are my school board representatives?

Mr. Ralph Lowery and Mr. Jonathan Rogers

Who can give me more information about special education services?

Mr. Steve Johnson, Ms. Rebecca Massaro or Mr. Jason France

How can I get involved with the PTO?

Call the school during regular school hours and ask to speak to Mrs. Karen Tignor.